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Posted April 12th

Bulleit Frontier Ambassador- Dallas, TX

Dallas, Texas

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Posted April 12th

Bulleit Frontier Ambassador- Dallas, TX







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About The Position

The American frontier was a time as well as a place. It was an era rich with opportunity but not short on hardship and strife. Dreaming big was just a way of life. Many headed west with little more than a horse, an axe, a bag of salt, a barrel of Bourbon and a dream. They crossed the Red River, The Badlands, The High Sierras, Death Valley. They were the nation’s first pioneers, who when they asked for Whiskey, expected Bourbon. 
BULLEIT Frontier Whiskey is about, and for, the do it yourselfers, the self-starter, the ones that get things done; and it is that personality we seek to be part of our team of pioneers who have been getting it done for BULLEIT Bourbon since 2006.
Position Summary : 

Proof Media Mix is looking for a self-motivated candidate for the state of Texas to represent the BULLEIT Frontier Whiskey brand within the state of Texas, with a primary focus on Dallas and the surrounding region.
The BULLEIT cultural Ambassador will be responsible for two major tasks, the first is to host events & transport the BULLEIT Woody to all requested accounts and events provided by key BULLEIT Bourbon marketing team members and stakeholders. 

The first accountability will be to create, deepen and amplify important influencer relationships to serve as our recruitment advocates, while reinforcing BULLEIT Frontier Whiskey credentials within the North American Whiskey category.  This candidate should be flush with bartending background.
The second is to support the transport of the BULLEIT Woody to all requested accounts and events provided by key BULLEIT Bourbon marketing team members and stakeholders. 
Within this dual role, the BULLEIT Frontiersman will recruit consumers and drive top-of-mind awareness, while managing existing and exploring new opportunities in the non-premise and special events. 
We are looking for someone who has their finger on the pulse of what is happening on the ground in this essential market and acts as the “face” of self-reliance and authenticity in their environment, and have excellent relationships with stakeholders, customers, and consumers. 
The candidate will possess a passion for great dinks, independent lifestyle brands and smart marketing concepts. They will have an acute ability to identify emerging trends & insights and be tenacious in translating this knowledge into commercial actions quickly.
The Bulleit Woody :
The Bulleit Woody is a customized, converted teardrop camping trailer functioning much like a pop-out on an RV. The front hatch opens to reveal a full-service bar and activation center for the Bulleit brand. The trailer “Woody” is transported by a small sized truck or pick up with a hitch. The Woody was constructed to allow and have the capability for a single individual to transport, assemble and disassemble its contents for each event request. 
Experience :
•  Excellent knowledge of the drinks industry. Additional passion for lifestyle brands that speak to the independent self-starter
•  Proven passion to evoke the urban/metro self-starter lifestyle and bring a brand to life 
•  Experience in understanding the motivations of bar owners, managers, and service staff 
•  Effective presentation skills 
•  Proven training ability, persuasive selling skills, passion for the craft drinks business with respect to customers and consumers 
•  Effective informal relationships across multiple industries within metro lifestyle sectors 
•  Experience in physical work and the basic use of tools, ladders, grips, and audio visual set up
•  Strong social media presence 
Capabilities :
•  Category knowledge across North American Whiskey & Craft Mixology
•  Strong public speaking; ability to “think on their feet”
•  Operates proactively – and where necessary reactively - in order to beat the competition 
•  The Ambassador is the personification of the brand in the market: attitude, appearance, and personality. 
•  Relationship management with external and internal stakeholders 
•  Ability to develop strong relationships with trade partners and key influencers 
•  Ability to drive/transport a small commercial vehicle and trailer within congested traffic areas
•  Must be able to lift equipment and supplies up to 50lbs in weight. 
•  Manage a regional program budget 
•  Ability to work cross functionally
Responsibilities :
•  Lead the South Bulleit Woody Trade Ambassador Program
•  Act as cultural ambassadors for Bulleit portfolio in key markets across the country
•  Build strong relationships with on-premise/off-premise stakeholders and the extended bartending community
•  Lead activation experientially in identified markets
•  Key point of contact in identified markets
•  Liaison between distributor sales teams, and Diageo employees in target markets
•  Identify and communicate activation opportunities to brand team
•  Lead, own, execute key trade relationships in identified markets 
•  Build, feed, & maintain social following (creating content that can be used regularly)
•  Monthly recap of activities
•  Act as the face of Bulleit
•  Manage the Bulleit Woody program plan from transport, set-up, program activation, tear down and return to storage
Role Outcomes :
•  Influencers and consumers to become advocates for Bulleit through their interaction with Bulleit activity plan 
•  Have effective, long-term relationship with key influencers leading them to endorse the Bulleit brand. 
•  Influencers and consumers are educated on the quality and heritage of Bulleit 
•  Bulleit experiential platform is best in class in the industry
•  Effective relationships and collaboration with local commercial and distributor teams
•  Strong reach across Social Media channels 
Requirements :
•  Professional, college educated preferred
•  Is a self-starter and can work independently for extended periods of time
•  Relationship building capability/charismatic personality
•  Computer skills
•  Excellent communication skills
•  Must be able to stand for long periods of time; standing, walking, stair climbing, lifting to 50 lbs. are all required
•  Must be flexible and able to adjust to a changing environment 
•  Must be willing to work weekends or extended hours as needed
•  Must be 25 years of age or older
Salary and Benefits :
Commensurate to experience
Function Details
  • Reports To Vice President