Parks & Nash





About Us
Parks & Nash is one of the fastest growing, better-for-you food brands.  We launched this year with our lineup of Bone Broth Soups, and come soup season, you can find us nationally.  We're born and raised on all-natural, family farms, our namesakes - the Parks and Nash family farms.  

From our early roots, we've spent years in the fitness and healthy lifestyle industries, and have been developing all-natural, clean bone broth for several years now.  It'd been hard finding a healthy, great tasting bone broth that's also convenient (shelf-stable, easy prep, eat from the cup), affordable, and a full meal - we're more than just broth.  So we made one, and launched Parks & Nash Bone Broth Soups in 2019 as a way to deliver all the benefits of bone broth in a clean, convenient, affordable, and delicious way.  We hope you enjoy!