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About Us
PairME seeks to create a seamless experience when choosing the perfect wine for your moods and experiences. The 'ME' in our name stands for 'Moods and Experiences' as we strive to create specific wines to pair with them. We were founded on the ethos 'make wine simple.' With the help of true French and Italian sommeliers and winemakers, we have crafted the perfect wine blends for you. Our wines are all sourced from the finest vineyards in France and Italy. They have been picked, primed and paired to create the perfect combination for your meal. Our product line will continue to grow and accommodate new and exciting pairings.

In 2022 we have gained distribution in 10 States, through various distributors. The States are: New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Nebraska, Alabama, Maryland, Kansas. Missouri, Tennessee & Indiana. 
We continuously plan to grow at this rapid rate until we can provide the 'at home sommelier' experience for all of America and beyond! 
PairME Wines is also working on distribution in India, UK & Singapore. 

ParkStreet is our importation partner that covers all the logistical dealings whilst we focus on the sourcing, branding & selling of the wine. 

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