Outlaw Soaps



About Us

In the wild and woody foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, a small but diligent band of outlaws forge soaps, lotions, colognes, and other products so powerfully awesome they could change your LIFE.

Outlaw Soaps a company for adventurous people, by adventurous people. We live like the products we make: we love campfire, whiskey, and ill-advised explosions... standing a little too close, but being sure to wear fire-proof clothes. We know there’s a time for quiet conversations and a time for asking your friend to hold your beer because you’ve got a great idea. (note: it’s never a great idea… and that’s why there's  YouTube)

Russ and Danielle, co-founders and husband and wife,  have built a business around what they find fun and interesting. It’s not for everyone… They get a lot of bruises in the regular course of life and probably have dirty fingernails. 

If that sounds fun to you (or someone you know), you’ll probably like our products. If not, well, there are a million other companies for you, and that’s totally fine. No hard feelings.