Organic Valley



About Us
Over the past three decades, we’ve created some beloved brands (Organic Valley and Organic Prairie), but in body, we are a pioneering cooperative (CROPP Cooperative) owned and guided by family farmers—almost 2,000 of them in 36 states, Canada, Australia and England, to be exact. Our professional staff counts about 950 souls, many of them based at one of our facilities in three small towns located in the stunning Driftless Region of Southwest Wisconsin. Here’s where we churn butter, wrap cheese, ship products, create fun marketing campaigns, care for our customers, and serve our organic farmer-owners. We’re busy folks, and there’s no slowdown in sight.

Our two main office buildings are complete with organic cafés and fitness facilities and a full schedule of physical and mental wellness opportunities because we believe everyone deserves good food and a balanced life. Every day is casual Friday because we believe our people are at their best when they’re comfortable. (In fact, shoes are optional.) We actively collect and act on business and culture ideas from all employees because as a cooperative, we believe none of us are as smart as all of us. (A saying heard frequently from our CEO.) Between all this and many other qualities that we don’t have room to list here, it’s no surprise Outdoor Magazine placed us in the 100 Best Places to Work in the USA