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Posted May 3rd

National Sales Director

Memphis, TN


Old Dominick Distillery

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Posted May 3rd

National Sales Director

Memphis, TN




Executive Level


Full Time

About The Position
Old Dominick Distillery seeks a National Sales Director. The Director shall be a member of the Old Dominick Management Team and will be ultimately responsible for the creation, implementation, and execution of the sales strategy.
Key duties specific to this role shall consist of, but are not limited to:
  • Leading the development of an annual Old Dominick sales strategy
  • Developing and maintaining a monthly sales forecast
  • Developing and maintaining a sales departmental budget
  • Setting sales goals and objectives
  • Overall responsibility for the complete management of a sales team, including:
    • Recruiting and filling any open positions within the sales team, in collaboration with the Regional Sales Manager
    • Measuring and reporting the performance and quality of the sales reps in conjunction with set KPIs and departmental objectives
    • Providing leadership and management to all direct reports including accolades, reviews, training, disciplinary warnings, etc.
  • Spend sufficient time in the market to stay in touch with it and ensure:
    • Proper face time is kept with accounts, distributors, and, most importantly, the sales team
    • A solid understanding of how our product is positioned and performing in the market 
    • Good relationships and promises are being kept by the sales team
    • The products are appropriately merchandised 
  • Develop and maintain excellent distributor relationships in both new and existing markets
  • Help create ‘educational’ distributor sales training program to ensure continuous engagement so Old Dominick remains a top priority, including:
    • Pricing programs
    • Promo and incentive programs
    • Shared leads
    • Well-branded sales and marketing material
    • Serve as a key ambassador for the Old Dominick brand
  • Create and foster an inclusive environment characterized by teamwork and partnership
  • Assist other department heads in performing tasks for their departments outside the scope of this job description
In addition, the Director of Sales shall have the following responsibilities as it relates to collaborating with other department heads:
  • Collaborating with Production:
    • Regularly coordinate with the Master Distiller with regard to the sales forecast in order that the production team operates as smoothly as possible
  • Collaborating with the Marketing and Creative Team:
    • Communicate regularly to convey in real time what is happening out in the market
    • Help identify trends
    • Communicate effectively where Old Dominick is successful and where the brand’s shortcomings may be
    • Assist in the development of POS programs
    • Assist in the execution of market activations
  • Collaborating with the Hospitality Team
    • Keep the Hospitality Team apprised of current market outlets and happenings
  • Collaborating with the Finance Team
    • Develop and maintain all budgets in a timely and thoughtful manner in order that the company can meet its overall financial objectives
    • Develop and budget for all pricing and programming initiatives and keep all data current in the system
    • Track, reconcile, and submit all bill backs and promotional data
    • Work with Compliance to ensure all brand and state registrations are complete and up to date and that Old Dominick is perpetually in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations
 Job Requirements:
  • Exceptional personal and listening skills
  • Collaborative nature
  • Minimum 5 years management experience
  • Minimum 10 years spirits industry experience
  • Extensive industry network
  • Proven track record

Competencies or Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Is looking to make a long-term relationship with an employer
  • Must be comfortable working as part of a team as well as self-directing
  • Must bring and/or be enthusiastic about developing leadership skills
  • Communicates well and is skilled at customer service
  • Is comfortable with various sales platforms – Salesforce, GreatVines, etc.


Function Details
  • Reports To Senior Vice President, President
  • Direct Reports 5