OHi Food Company

About Us
OHi Food Co., a plant-based superfood bar company founded on Maui, HI, (one Farmers Market at a time) is being innovative in the refrigerated energy bar market by providing clean, naturally nutritious and truly delicious bars made with high quality whole food ingredients that are nonGMO, paleo and free from gluten, grain, dairy, soy and refined sugar. High is plant derived fats and low in sugar, they provide long lasting sustenance to every health conscious consumer. We simply put in the best and leave out the rest! No gums, fillers, synthetic vitamins or additives. No artificial anything. 

Here at OHi we are passionate about providing nourishment to our communities, our 'ohana, by always being conscious and transparent about what we choose to put into the food we make. 

We as a company are committed to spreading a little ALOHA one bar at a time and to elevating those around us through simple food and simple kindness so we can all rise, all shine, all thrive! 

We are excited to have expanded OHi and are now located in Southern California...offering our ALOHA to even more communities!