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Posted May 12th

Order Fulfillment Manager

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Posted May 12th

Order Fulfillment Manager









Full Time

About The Position
About O2
O2 is an award-winning Inc. 5000 company that makes clean hydration products while operating a carbon-neutral, mission-driven business. Our values are Honesty, Humility, and Hustle, and we lead by example internally and externally each day to grow as individuals and better our communities. We’re a team of A players committed to doing something important with our careers in a way that positively impacts the world. We serve the everyday athlete who has a high performance lifestyle, and our fans can be found doing things like CrossFit, bootcamp, spinning, and yoga at home and in the gym to stay fit.

Position summary
The Order Fulfillment Manager (OFM) is in charge of managing the order fulfillment process including order entry, administration, and shipping for all business channels - direct to consumer, wholesale, grocery, and Amazon. The OFM will oversee the order tracking process in order to ensure all O2 shipments arrive on time, on budget, and in excellent condition. The OFM is also responsible for maintaining a 100% inventory in-stock inventory level of all items to ensure we never have a delay due to an out-of-stock item or material we can control in order to maximize customer satisfaction and minimize cost. 

In this role, you will:
  • Manage all inventory and fulfillment related activity for any in-house or third-party shipment (excludes production of O2) according to cost, timing, and quality goals
  • Receive inbound purchase orders and schedules, manages and confirms all outbound shipments to our partners
  • Maintain a 100% in-stock rate of all shipping-related items and O2-related sales or marketing material to ensure there are no delays that fall within our control
  • Coordinate with the Chief Operations Officer to execute ad-hoc tasks to help manage the Operations at O2
  • Investigate cost-savings opportunities, diversification of vendors, and shipping/fulfillment process optimization
  • Review and audit invoices weekly to ensure agreed-upon terms are met  
  • Work with sales and marketing teams to communicate any inventory constraints and work to a resolution
Here’s who you are
  • Personally accountable
  • Good at planning and organizing
  • Effective at time management
  • Goal achiever
  • Continuous learner
  • Detail oriented
Your background
  • Minimum 4 years experience in supply chain management
  • Amazon fulfillment experience preferred, but not required
  • Business degree preferred, but not required
  • Experience rolling up sleeves within a remote start-up environment (no job is too small)
  • Unquestionable ethics and integrity with a track record to prove it
  • A passion for fitness, health, and wellness

What it’s like to work at O2
We have three values at O2, and we take them very seriously: Honesty, Humility, and Hustle. Our environment is only suited for people who “exceed expectations” and enjoy the fast-paced, high performance culture that comes with working alongside other A players. You’ll be doing the hard work of building a business and managing an organization. This is not a job for the faint of heart, and you will be expected to demonstrate your drive and commitment on a daily basis. We work remotely, and we operate with high degrees of autonomy. At the same time, we don’t mess around. We have a blast when we’re winning and absolutely HATE losing. 

How we operate
  1. We work with the highest levels of Honesty, Humility, and Hustle - always
  2. We run through walls and do whatever it takes to get the job done successfully
  3. We aren’t bottlenecks - we move fast and don’t let others be bottlenecks either
  4. We do what we say we’re going to do - if we commit to something, we honor it
  5. We pay attention to detail - how we do anything is how we do everything
  6. We operate like professionals - we’re on time, prepared, and ready to work hard
  7. We optimize like crazy - we relentlessly learn and get better through data and feedback
  8. We take extreme ownership for our work - our job isn’t done after we send an email
  9. We’re organized - this is how we move fast without letting things slip 
  10. We ask for help/feedback/approval early so as to avoid a scramble

Compensation and benefits
  • $55,000 - $65,000 base salary with bonus and equity, work from anywhere (always), comprehensive benefits package (medical, dental, vision), 401K plan with O2 match, fitness membership reimbursement, unlimited vacation, free O2 product and gear, invaluable experience growing and scaling a brand to $100M+.
Function Details
  • Reports To Chief Operating Officer