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Posted January 5th

General Manager Needed for a Frozen Food Startup in Rocketship Mode

New York, NY

Nolita 1




Production and Manufacturing and Supplier

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Posted January 5th

General Manager Needed for a Frozen Food Startup in Rocketship Mode

New York, NY


Hospitality/Food Service


Senior Level




Full Time

About The Position
A diverse, resourceful self-starter with plenty of hustle and grit, you thrive in a start-up environment, you love a challenge and can make things happen. You dream of launching a business and bringing a vision into reality.
Fantastic opportunity to be the on the ground floor of an innovative company in crazy growth mode.

Nolita is a start-up food company established in 2016 with a clear mission statement of making delicious products that are low in carbohydrates, high in protein, use clean ingredients and are frozen for maximum convenience.  Our flagship product, Nolita Cauli-tots, continues to have outstanding reception in the marketplace and is in over 300 stores and will double that by 2nd quarter of 2020. 
Job Description:
·         Oversee day-to-day operations;
·         Develop and lead a dynamic, diverse and inclusive team and culture;
·         Be an innovative strategic thinker to drive sales in our current product line, expand into future products;
·         Develop the foundational processes in technology, operations, finance, marketing and sales to enable Nolita’s ambitious growth;
·         Manage company resources and budget in a growing sales environment;
·         Make critical hires in the operations and marketing space.
We’re looking for a diverse superhero who has the following qualities:
Must Haves: 
  1. Creative Thinker: You must enjoy challenging experiences and driven by the pursuit to reach goals and reach success no matter the obstacle. 
  2. Strong Operational Skills: Loves the complexity of figuring out how to make things run right, in a very dynamic category, with equally as dynamic supply-chain challenges.  You love process, are uber organized, and want to create scale.
  3. Grit and Hustle:  You are a roll up your sleeves, attack any problem with a great can do attitude kind of person.
  4. Diversity Advocate:  Nolita is a woman owned business and a fierce supporter of building out a diverse and inclusive team.
  5. Someone who “gets it”: This is a HUGE opportunity.  You are passionate that YOU are the person that will take Nolita from less than $1mm in gross sales to $10mm+.
  6. Bachelor’s degree a minimum
  7. Frozen Food Industry Experience: You have connections with players in the industry.  At a minimum, food industry experience
  8.  Entrepreneurial Hustle: The more you can demonstrate your problem-solving skills, the better.
  9. Loves Food & Innovation:  Foodies and disruptors welcome!
1. Salary will be dependent on experience and location.  We are open to remote work locations even though we are NYC based.  We will pay up for experience.   
2. Equity stake with substantial upside based upon achieving targets.
3. One hell of a ride.

Ready for a life changing experience?  Send all CV's to
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New York, NY
Function Details
  • Reports To CEO