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About Us

We’re about challenging what things can be.  Having a purpose.  Providing real value.  We believe that products should help us be more of who we want to be, and do more of what we want to do.

That’s why we created neuro.  A drink with a higher purpose.  A beverage that delivers true function to help you be and do your best.   

Whether it’s healthy energy, stress reduction, overall health, a better night’s rest, real appetite and digestive help, or a new take on “playful” energy, each neuro gives you a drink with a true purpose.

True function, from the highest quality of ingredients, at only 35 calories per bottle.

Drink neuro. Drink with a purpose.

We are searching for nationwide, sales and marketing candidates who are interested in an exciting opportunity to be a part of a company poised to challenge business as usual and grow with the brand.

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