Nature's Bakery



About Us
Nature’s Bakery was founded in 2010 by Dave & Sam Marson, father & son bakers from Reno, Nevada. A product of the 1960’s natural food movement, Dave learned early that quality ingredients matter. He developed his personal philosophy on life, which is what drives Nature’s Bakery: keep things simple, have fun, and achieve balance in life through nature, activity, nutrition and community.
After spending decades as a baker, Dave teamed up with his son, Sam. Their endeavor grew to become the Nature’s Bakery of today, fulfilling their mission to create delicious, nutritious and accessible snacks to nourish families everywhere.
Today, Nature’s Bakery is still family-owned and one of the fastest growing snack brands in the category with over $100M in sales.  Nature’s Bakery products include Whole Wheat Fig Bars, Gluten Free Fig Bars, Double Brownie Bars and Organic Honey & Oat Bars.