National Black Brewers Association

About Us
We Celebrate Those Bringing Culture to the Cup! Less than 1% of craft breweries in the U.S. are owned by African Americans and there is no single entity to help African American brewers and brewery owners with their specific needs and issues. Given these challenges, the National Black Brewers Association (“NB2A”) was formed as a 501c6 membership-based non-profit organization to: ​ 1) Promote the Black brewing community as a first-of-its kind organization; 2) Increase the number of African Americans in the brewing industry at all levels of production, especially ownership and brewmaster; 3) Exercise political influence by developing and advocating for effective policy; and 4) Foster understanding about the history and legacy of African American brewing in the United States. ​ The NB2A is governed by a dynamic Board of Directors comprised of the most experienced and successful Black brewery owners and brewmasters across the country.