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About Us
Mulholland Distilling is a new spirits start-up company based in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles. We're proud to be one of the first spirits brands in the city since Prohibition. 

With nearly 4 million people in 468 square miles, Los Angeles is one of the most populous metropolises on Earth. There’s only one reason the multitudes can exist in this vast desert wasteland: water. William Mulholland is the man who brought water to our city, who literally opened the gates to the future. He's a man who truly embodied the Spirit of Los Angeles™.

We are proud that all Mulholland Distilling American Whiskey, New World Gin and 100% non-GMO Corn Vodka is blended and bottled just outside of downtown LA in Downey, California. As we grow, we intend to make our home in an existing building in Los Angeles redesigned to house our distillery, tasting room, and event space while aesthetically reflecting the local design and architecture.