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About Us
Since 2013, Mr. Bing has brought the powerful and transformative flavors of Chinese street food to home cooks, professional kitchens, and grocery stores, from Hong Kong to New York City, where we first started making our most popular product, Chili Crisp, locally and naturally. Our story started when we met in Beijing in 1998, and continued as we spent most of our lives working and raising families in China. We loved eating street food every day (especially jianbing), made fresh on the back of a street cart, and had a passion for sharing the flavors and crunch with friends, family, and lovers of street food everywhere. Our mission is to create mouthwatering natural foods with Chinese-inspired flavors that are accessible for the broadest range of chefs and home cooks. We support the communities that inspired us by giving a portion of our revenues to charities that create cross-cultural dialogue and understanding.