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Posted April 11th

Private Client Manager, Whiskey

New York, NY

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Posted April 11th

Private Client Manager, Whiskey

New York, NY






Full Time

About The Position

The Private Client Manager, Whiskey is responsible for building and leveraging relationships within the U.S. whiskey connoisseur community to drive recruitment of HNWI and maximize scalable sales opportunities. The PCM, Whiskey will establish direct connections with target whiskey consumers to drive brand awareness, loyalty, and depletions across the MHUSA whiskey portfolio, with a focus on Ardbeg and Glenmorangie. This role will also develop and execute strategies and consumer experiences to increase cask sales.

  • Leverage existing relationships within the U.S. whiskey-drinking community to build an extensive network of HNWI consumers, and convert those relationships to depletions.
  • Continually develop and implement strategies to identify and secure target groups and individual high potential clients.
  • Seek strategic partnerships and other collaborative business opportunities to maximize brand exposure and leverage resources.
  • Communicate strategies, priorities, and activities to key stakeholders, including Brand and Private Client teams to ensure ongoing alignment with brand and business strategies.
  • Partner with Business Intelligence to monitor and synthesize HNWI market intelligence to identify and drive recruitment strategies through data-driven decision making.

Brand Experiences and Activations
  • Cultivate individual relationships with high potential clients to build MHUSA brand loyalty and drive repeat purchasing.
  • Collaborate with Brand teams to strategize and develop unique and impactful luxury consumer experiences that maximize sales opportunities and conversions.
  • Plan and execute seamless client-facing events and experiences, in alignment with Maison guidelines and luxury brand image.
  • Strategize and create unique, uber-luxury whiskey consumer experiences to drive awareness, interest, and conversion of cask sales
  • Collaborate with Brand Education to plan and execute tailored experiences and learning opportunities for key HNWI whiskey clients.
  • Provide consultation to HNWI whiskey connoisseurs on the acquisition of products from the MHUSA portfolio in building and managing their individual collections.
  • Represent the MHUSA brands to the highest level of luxury standards in order to generate goodwill and aspiration among HNWI clients, event VIPs, media, business partners, etc.
  • Provide exceptional client service experiences in all situations.
  • Ensure that all necessary marketing materials and brand collateral related to the HNWI whiskey consumer experience deliver the highest level of luxury experience and brand messaging.

Sales Management
  • Partner with Finance, Sales, and Private Client leaders to establish sales and depletion KPIs within the whiskey consumer channel.
  • Plan and appropriately leverage sales and depletion opportunities to ensure the consistent achievement of financial targets.
  • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to appropriately allocate and manage the use of A&P budgets.
  • Monitor and analyze spending trends among HNWI whiskey consumers and apply findings to future planning.
  • Ensure that client and sales records are captured in the company’s CRM database to maximize potential future opportunities.
  • Monitor and manage U.S. allocations activities, communicating specific clients needs related to launches, innovations, rarities, etc. to ensure appropriate and timely availability of product.
  • Monitor relevant business activity, create reports and presentations, and provide feedback to key stakeholders concerning brand positioning, competitive activities, and market trends in the context of the HNWI whiskey community.
  • Maintain a flexible and adaptable mindset by continually evaluating, revising and responding with agility to meet rapidly evolving business needs, and perform other functions and duties as assigned.

Bachelor’s Degree required

Professional Experience
7+ years of luxury sales experience, combining marketing and brand management.
Existing networks or relationships within the U.S. whiskey consumer market

Practical / Technical Skills
Extensive technical knowledge of whiskey ingredients, distilling, and competitors
Understanding of HNWI marketing strategies and practices.
Well-developed commercial acumen and analytical skills.
Highly refined communication, negotiation, and influencing skills.
Professional, luxury image/presentation.
Diplomacy and humility to successfully function in a service capacity for high-profile, HNWI.
Relatability to interact and sell to HNWI with confidence.

Moët Hennessy USA, Inc. is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Moët Hennessy USA, Inc. considers candidates without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.
New York, NY