Milestone Brands



About Us
Milestone Brands LLC, a premium spirits company based in Austin, Texas, was founded in February 2016 by two local entrepreneurs and veterans of the beverage and spirits industry, Eric Dopkins, former CEO of Deep Eddy Vodka, and Chad Auler, co-founder of Deep Eddy Vodka. The current management team collectively has over 80 years of industry experience working for significant beverage organizations like Diageo, Pernod-Ricard, Brown-Forman, Deep Eddy Vodka, Pabst, Live Nation, and Red-Bull. 
As a national spirits supplier, acquirer, innovator, and marketer of alcohol beverage brands, Milestone Brands’ portfolio includes Empress Gin,  Dulce Vida Tequila, one of the fastest growing tequila brands in the US, American Born Whiskey/Moonshine, a family of whiskey products that honor the tradition and American spirit, and Naranja Orange Liqueur, a cane spirit with flavor derived from essential oils and distillate of the highest quality sweet oranges.  Our latest joint-venture is Campo Bravo Tequila, a 100% agave brand that is estate grown by our partners, 5th generation agave farmers from Mexico.