Michel et Augustin, USA





About Us
Friends for life, Michel and Augustin said au revoir to their business suits to chase a dream of making the tastiest, most fun French treats imaginable (in France, no less!). Their one of a kind adventure began in a small kitchen in Paris, just two guys and a banana tree! And with hard work, a “never say never” spirit, and a loyal tribe of pastry-trained trublions (troublemakers, for the non-French speakers), they became one of the most well-known and respected companies in all of France. 

Since those early days, the adventure has become legend, and like any good legend the story has taken twists and turns that have only added to the magic! No matter how the adventure evolves, no matter how many new trublions (troublemakers, in case you forgot) join our tribe, no matter where we plant our banana tree, the spirit of the adventure remains unchanged, and we focus relentlessly on bringing it to life across everything we do!