McTavish Brands



About Us
Both of our brands are a part of the ‘better for you’ alcoholic beverage category and are made from 100% fresh pressed juice, locally sourced herbs, teas and adaptogens. Our products contain zero sugar, are vegan and keto friendly, and have one of the lowest calorie counts of any in the alcohol realm.

Pulp Culture was dreamt up by two fitness-minded foodies turned social entrepreneurs, created by mother nature, and loved by ambitious, fun-loving folks who believe in better. Better nights. Better mornings. Better life. Pulp Culture is the result of the pursuit of better.

101 Cider House is the original “adults only” juice bar. We work with local farms to produce raw juice, using only fresh source verified ingredients. Our juice is pressed in small batches, then fermented and aged for 3 months to produce a naturally alcoholic and certified probiotic beverage.