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Posted October 9th

Customer Service Representative

Baltimore, Maryland

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Lucky Clover Packaging



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Posted October 9th

Customer Service Representative

Baltimore, Maryland




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About The Position
Lucky Clover Packaging is a rapidly growing company with locations in Baltimore and Sacramento, specializing in labeling aluminum beverage cans for beverage producers nationwide, and is hiring a Customer Service Representative (CSR).
Roles & Responsibilities:

●      Identify and assess customers’ needs with a goal of routinely exceeding their expectations
●      Respond to customer inquiries via email, over the phone, and occasionally in person
●      Build and maintain sustainable relationships with customer accounts, earning their trust through open and interactive communication
●      Field occasional customer complaints, work with Management team to provide appropriate solutions and alternatives within fixed time constraints; follow up to ensure agreeable resolution
●      Keep records of customer interactions, process customer accounts and file documents
●      Follow communication procedures, guidelines and policies
●      Take the extra mile to engage customers and ensure satisfaction with their orders
●      Input new orders into our ordering system per customers’ request
●      Keep customers proactively updated on order status and apprised of any possible variances from initially agreed upon schedules
●      Work closely with sales team to transition new accounts and ensure their needs and expectations are continually met
●      Build customer loyalty through excellent customer service and communication
●      Participate in weekly sales calls to update members of sales team on any outstanding customer/order issues
Job Requirements:
●      Proven customer support experience or experience as a client service representative
●      Strong phone contact handling skills and active listening
●      Familiarity with CRM and/or ERP systems and practices
●      Customer-oriented demeanor and able to adapt/respond to different types of personalities and situations
●      Excellent verbal and written communication skills
●      Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively
●      High school diploma minimum, some college preferred
●      A positive, solutions-oriented attitude
●      Excellent organization and time management skills
●      Ability to work effectively within a team
We Offer:
●      Salary based on experience
●      Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance
●      401k with company match program
●      Paid vacation
●      Casual (but professional) work environment

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Baltimore, Maryland
Function Details
  • Reports To Director of Sales