Local Weather



About Us
Local Weather is a mind+body hydration beverage founded by Denver Broncos Quarterback, Russell Wilson and H+S Labs. It is a sports drink created for today’s version of performance. Everything in the traditional sports drink category felt outdated to us. We would consistently see a focus on traditional and typical sports, elite professional athletes, body-only hydration, high levels of sugar…and the list goes on.

The founding partners bring together unique backgrounds and perspectives to the table - athletics, mind+creative performance, and a desire for something better. Our universal goal is to change an archaic category, and we believe the more brains the better.

We started Local Weather because we wanted healthier drinks that could benefit our kind of movement and performance, including our mental performance. We found that there are a lot of great ingredients out there that can help with this, and there are ways to make this category more sustainable (aluminum!) and more accessible. So, here we are. Actual humans using our bodies and minds in actual ways, evolving the performance drinks category into the 21st century. Come take a ride on this incredible journey we’re about to embark on.