Living Intentions

About Us
At Living Intentions, it is our intention to nourish the world, with the most nutritious and delicious, flavor-rich foods. We believe that clean, vibrant foods are essential to feeling truly healthy. We believe in sourcing the highest integrity ingredients, without compromise, and creating products that have extra-ordinary nutritional benefits. We believe that our inspiration, inspires others, to live their dreams and support optimally balanced and vibrant lifestyles.

11 Years Strong!!  As one of the pioneers of the raw and sprouted food movement, we have been innovating and educating about the power of minimally processed, nutrient dense, plant-based superfoods, for over 10 years strong. Pure passion and intention has brought us the ability to support our customers around the world. 

We are leaders of innovation, sharing our blends of nutrient dense, plant-based superfoods with the masses. We continually strive to improve our existing product lines and create new products with outrageous flavor combinations that contain raw, sprouted, gluten free and vegan ingredients. Our innovative processing techniques are uniquely engineered to maintain complete nutritional integrity. We love to nourish our bodies with the best nutrient dense foods available.

We believe in vibrant foods that encourage vibrant living. Our products are made from a combination of live, sprouted and plant-based ingredients, an optimal balance of complete proteins, healthy fats, antioxidants and unique blends of the most fortified superfoods our planet offers. Our foods are minimally processed and gently air dried... we protect and preserve the good stuff!  Our innovation and nourishing products are designed with purpose and care. Our unique blends of exotic ingredients creates Living Intentions spectacular culinary difference. We embrace the intentions of optimally balanced and vibrant lifestyles; and we are most excited about sharing our living intentions with you!