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LEBLON® Cachaça (pronounced "ka-SHA-sa") is a Brazilian Premium Artisanal Cachaça produced at The Maison Leblon distillery in Minas Gerais, since 2005. Its blending is overseen by Gilles Merlet, one of the world's topmost Master Distillers. LEBLON is an extraordinary Cachaça made from the distillation of the sugar cane juice in traditional copper pot stills, also known by connoisseurs as the Alambique Method.  To date, The Maison Leblon produces 4 types of cachaça products; LEBLON® Cachaça (Silver), Reserva Especial (Aged), Cedilla (Açaí liquor), and Seleçao Verde (raw cachaça. Limited Edition).

The artisanal process starts with the Leblon cane cutters who harvest the cane by hand. Excess leaves are manually stripped off from the shoots and the cane is transported to the Maison Leblon on the same day for pressing. The sugarcane juice extracted is put to ferment and later transferred into the Alambique copper pot stills for a single-batch distillation. The distillate is later put to rest for up to 6 months in vintage oak casks. The various small batches are then master blended by Giles Merlet, and the final batch is gently filtered and bottled. This process is classified as artisanal.

LEBLON is the most awarded Cachaça in the market with 5X Double Gold Medal and 4X Gold Medals from the San Francisco Spirits competition. Drinks International awards “Most trending Cachaça”, “Best selling Cachaça” for three  consecutive years 2017, 2018, 2019.