Lady Bird Mixer Co.

About Us
Lady Bird Mixer Co. is the story of two Texans' thirst for flavorful adventure and their hope to share it with others. When Atlas Cheek & Daniel Barnes initially spoke of a beverage mixer company, they shared a common focus, to feature the diverse and delicious flavors that make their home state of Texas so special. They both agreed that the native ingredients of Texas would offer something unique and spectacular. And so, Lady Bird Mixers were born, named after Lady Bird Johnson - flavors truly off the beaten path. Lady Bird pairs well with spirits but is also just as tasty on its own. We see every prickly pear, peach, and ruby red grapefruit as the start of an adventure, and we're always on the lookout for new ways to mix up all the wild and peculiar ingredients we find growing under the Texas sun. We firmly believe that Texas itself is a beautiful piece of artwork. We partnered with a local artist to create various visual interpretations of Texas landscapes and vistas. From the Rio Grande Valley to the Texas High Plains. Texas has a lot to offer. The quality and creativity of our flavors will be our biggest cornerstones and differentiators. We are proud to introduce our initial four flavors Van Zandt Club Soda, Classic Tonic Water, Ruby Red Grapefruit Soda, and Key Lime Ginger Beer, all of which have strong Texas roots.