Kohana Coffee, LLC





About Us

Why Kohana? Victoria Lynden, social entrepreneur and founder of Kohana Coffee, was inspired on a trip to Hawaii when a special Hawaiian coffee indulged her senses and actually made her want to slow down and savor the moment. 

Special mission: The company stands for fair treatment of all human beings with the right to clean water and fair pay.  

The ideal recipient: Perfect for coffee enthusiasts who will love the complex flavors and single-origin options. It is also great for coffee lovers who have a hard time drinking coffee for health reasons, because Kohana's cold brew is 70% less acidic than traditional coffee.

- Organizations that save the earth by providing innovative solutions for water around the world. (such as Imagine H20)
- Organizations that are life lines to those in disadvantaged countries as they provide wells and water systems for safe water.  (LifeWater.org and Pure Water for the World)
- Innovative change agents like Give Me Tap, which promotes re-usable bottles AND helps provide clean water in Africa.
- Small local farms that are outside the scope of being able to participate in “fair trade”;  Kohana gives back a percentage of their earnings directly to the farmers and local communities for education.

At Kohana we believe our business can be an engine of positive change, that is why we are a proud member of 1% For The Planet.  It is our core value to work together to make a difference and to create a healthy planet. Our efforts are  supported through 1% For The Planet.