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About Us
A letter from our head chef and founder:

I worked in the culinary industry for years, but it wasn’t until I was as a personal chef for a woman recovering from cancer that I learned the true power of food as medicine. I relied on anti-inflammatory ingredients, powerhouse superfoods, herbs and spices, clean sources of meats, and organic produce and found I could still create truly delicious, satisfying meals.

It wasn’t long before I realized that anyone with any level of stress in their lives can benefit from this type of diet, and enjoy it. As more busy Chicagoans were asking for my style of prepared meals and snacks, Kitchfix was born.

We started by delivering delicious, anti-inflammatory meals with convenience throughout Chicago. When customers started clamoring for our house-made, grain-free granola every day, we realized we should offer it (and more!) across the country. Now, we continue to serve meals throughout Chicagoland, provide our grain-free grocery items in store and online nationwide, and continually look for new ways to make healthy choices easier for consumers all over the country.

Personally, our mission has grown ever-more important to me as our business and family have grown, too. My wife Britta works with me at Kitchfix and we know firsthand how hard it can be to juggle life’s stressors and curveballs. We’re committed to helping people all over the country better their bodies and minds through trustworthy, delicious food.

With gratitude,

Chef Josh