Kelvin Slush Co.





About Us
We make organic frozen cocktails.

Today, Kelvin Slush Co. is the maker of the first & only organic frozen cocktail mix. Our award-winning base flavors make it easy for restaurants and bars to craft almost any cocktail in frozen form. And Kelvin is now the leading frozen cocktail mix at premier restaurants & bars around the country. 

But that is a long way from where we started.

It started with two friends & a love of slush.

Kelvin co-founders Alex Rein & Zack Silverman, met on their first day of work at a law firm in New York City and became fast friends. Amongst other things, Alex & Zack bonded over their mutual dislike of actually being  lawyers, and their childhood love of slushies, Slurpees and all manner of other frozen beverages. One day Alex & Zack got to talking about how the frozen drinks they grew up with are made with all kinds of ingredients they didn't really want to drink. And so gave way to an idea that was called "crazy" and "nuts" (and other language we'd rather not repeat) by more than a few family and friends. But being the slush lovers they are they decided to quit their jobs and start a company that makes premium, all-natural slushes. 

So in 2010 we built a big blue Kelvin Slush truck, and hit the streets of NYC.

In fact, our slush truck was a rickety old 1975 Chevy mail-truck, and with the help of some friends, we converted it into the Kelvin Slush Co. slush-truck and started selling premium, non-alcoholic frozen drinks to folks on the street in NYC.

People seemed to really like it. So much so that in our first year we won the Vendy Award for best food truck in NYC, got a bunch of nice press (from folks like CNN, the New York Times, Business Insider, the Village Voice, and many others), and developed a dedicated following at great food events like Smorgasburg and the Brooklyn Flea.

Funnily enough people were always bringing a flask (or mini-bottles of booze) to the truck to spike their slush. It's possible, the Kelvin crew might have also enjoyed a spiked Kelvin from time to time.  

And so, in 2012, we started collaborating with bars & restaurants around NYC to create custom, premium all-natural frozen cocktails. Fast forward a few years, and Kelvin frozen cocktails are now served at hundreds of restaurants & bars across the US & Canada.