Keel Vodka



About Us
A refreshing premium light spirit with just the right amount of alcohol. Crafted so you can go light, stay balanced and achieve more tomorrow!

KEEL vodka is the premium light spirit. A vodka which is crafted to give the demanding, active person the ultimate in taste and smoothness with half the calories than in regular vodka. When the founders decided to create KEEL, they were committed towards three goals:  KEEL would be a premium light vodka; KEEL would be created, distilled and bottled in the USA; and, most importantly, KEEL would be the smoothest, best tasting vodka…period. Following close to two years of travel, education, research and countless tastings, (not such hard work ), they began crafting KEEL in an award-winning distillery. Under ideal climate conditions, using gluten free, non GMO neutral grain spirit, combined with the cleanest, most crisp, rocky mountain snow-melt water in North America and a patented distillation process, KEEL delivers on their original promise and commitment.