Kamoti Spirits



About Us
In 2019 we set out to create the world’s first bottled green tea shot - and we nailed it. A tasty blend designed to lift your spirits, bring people together and create lasting memories…the kind you can still remember the next day. 

The old drinking style of “shots til’ you drop” is passe; Kamoti taps into the same celebratory vibe without the morning regret.

Ready for any celebration big or small, Kamoti gets the party started at bachelor/bachelorettes, weddings, backyard barbecues and even moms’ night out. It’s your oldest friend, best friend, and frenemy all wrapped up into one fun-looking bottle. Kamoti is the life of the party! 

With a low-ABV of 20%, Kamoti keeps you in the moment without the high glare intensity of a full-strength pinch-your-nose throw your head back shot. As a matter of fact, we crafted the taste and ABV specifically so you can enjoy more than one and still be ready for that morning hike or spin class.

No more playing bartender. No more “shot” peer pressure. No more double vision. Kamoti is your shot at a good time and good morning.