JuneShine Organic Hard Kombucha


Production and Manufacturing

About Us
JuneShine was born from our desire to enjoy tonight...and tomorrow.

This led us to a simple question.

Why do we know so much about the food we eat and so little about the alcohol we drink?

We grew frustrated by the lack of honest transparent alcohol brands catering to our healthy active lifestyle and decided to start our own.

We created a team of adventurers, artists, and creatives who share our passion and want to leave a positive impact on the environment.​

We fell in love with the refreshingly smooth taste of jun kombucha and  made it our mission to brew the highest quality and healthiest jun kombucha.

After many interesting test brews we found the perfect JuneShine recipe and elevated our abv through a secondary fermentation. This process uses organic sugar that is completely consumed by our brewers yeast and converted into alcohol - all sugars in our finished product result wholly from our fruit juices.

We always brew JuneShine with organic ingredients, no added sugars, and without the junk food found in most alcohols (coloring, GMOs, high fructose corn syrup) - this makes JuneShine less toxic for both your body and the environment. ​

Our kombucha contains probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and of course, a good time.​

Finally, an alcohol you can feel good about drinking.