About Us
Every sip of JoeFroyo tells a story. Now the tastiest, most important story of JoeFroyo is how it came to be.

What began as a simple experiment became a life-consuming pursuit for our founder: combining high-quality coffee and premium yogurt into a drink that provided a boost of caffeine with the health benefits of naturally sourced probiotics and protein. A drink that was healthful, flavorful and take-anywhereable. 

Born in Seattle, Raised in California

To ensure the finest quality product, JoeFroyo shifted its headquarters from its roots in the coffee mecca of Seattle to the dairy mecca of California.  Using beans sourced from boutique farms around the world and Real California Milk®, the JoeFroyo team set to work.

Developed by Athletes, Perfected by Culinary Experts,

Enjoyed by Everyone!

When it came to developing JoeFroyo, athletes were a major resource for testing and advice (which makes sense, given that several members of the core JoeFroyo team are competitive athletes). Ensuring JoeFroyo provided the right balance of energy and nutrition was only half the battle. It also needed to taste great.

So the JoeFroyo team brought together a handful of culinary experts to work out the kinks of strength, flavor and texture, until they landed on the perfect formula: delicious, versatile and full of go-get-em! The formula is so versatile, in fact, that you’re drinking the same JoeFroyo no matter how you’re enjoying it­ – over ice, frozen-blended or from a bottle.

The next time you take a sip (or a gulp) of JoeFroyo, see if you can taste all the passion, dedication and teamwork that goes into every drop!