Infuse Spirits


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About Us
Step into a world of natural flavors discovered within every drop of Infuse Spirits. Our all natural ingredients remain in each bottle of a five time distilled American corn based vodka – resulting in a taste that has long been desired yet rarely delivered. We hand-craft each individual bottle and produce in small batches, so no two will be identical. 

Infusion (in·fu·sion) [noun] Far more complex than adding syrup, we mastered the delicate process of extracting and infusing real fruit flavors into our fine grain american vodka (the alcohol solvent). Over a calculated period, natural plants remain suspended and steep consistently through the vodka within each bottle.

We developed Infuse Spirits in response to a lack of authenticity among flavored vodkas on the market. Unlike typical flavored alcohol made for mixing, our product stands above as a drinkable liquid on its own. Infuse Spirits vodka is meant to be sipped straight and chilled over ice, like a whiskey, bourbon, or cognac. 

We've also Infuse Whiskey, that are a new twist on Brown Spirits Infusions.  We infuse Kentucky Bourbon and Rye with whole Oak Staves (Ex-Bourbon Cask, French Oak Cask & Oloroso Sherry Cask), that are unlike any other Whiskey's on the market, and provide an incredible value to the consumer.