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Posted January 14th

Northern Cal Manager, Chain Merchandising - Infinium Spirits

Oakland, CA



Infinium Spirits



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Posted January 14th

Northern Cal Manager, Chain Merchandising - Infinium Spirits

Oakland, CA






Full Time

About The Position
Infinium Spirits is a family-owned spirits company known for igniting brands and accelerating performance. Founded in 2005 and based in Aliso Viejo, California, Infinium Spirits specializes in the sales of its distinctive portfolio of brand

The Infinium Spirits - Manager, Chain Merchandising position will plan, organize, direct and recap the execution of company and distributor merchandising programs to achieve corporate objectives in order to increase sales and brand awareness within an assigned territory in the California Chain Channel. Work to encompass the development and implementation of off-premise brand building programs with the distributor. Brand responsibility includes the entire Infinium Spirits portfolio.

  • Educate, communicate, and execute on Infinium Spirits brand standards and education, chain planners, ads, programming, distribution, display activity, and goal achievement with distributors, category management personnel, partner sales force, and Key Account decision makers. Measures, evaluates, and provides feedback on the performance of merchandising execution plans. 
  • Train, educate, motivate and hold accountable distributor merchandising teams to maximize brand building efforts. Creates successful incentive and merchandising programs to maximize consumer awareness. Plan and manage frequent “work withs” within the chains with distribution partners. Conduct weekly merchandising team meetings. Conduct monthly meetings with the appropriate merchandising management, and division managers to maximize Infinium goals and strategic initiatives. Provide recaps to both Infinium and distributor management.
  • Gather and interpret market intelligence data (AC Nielsen, Depletions, etc) and develop effective strategies to maximize Infinium sales and distributor goals.
  • Collaborates with multiple divisional contacts consisting of sales team, brand team, merchandising teams, innovation & trade marketing managers and others.  Connects with multiple external contacts including the distributor, retailers, consumers and promotion agencies. 
  • Develop and maintain relationships with set of Key Accounts & regional managers for corporate chains.
    • Schedule and present at regional district meetings.
    • Communicate and educate store managers on the Infinium Spirits portfolio
    • Develop regional programs by chain.
    • Achieve set goals/priorities within these predetermined accounts.
  • Responsible for distribution and execution of point of sale within the territory.
  • Prepare and present custom sales tools, including but not limited to General Sales Meeting presentations, handouts, pitch books, account development and sales reports, programming/seasonal strategies, and more.
  • Manages multiple Local Promotional Funds (LPF) for the brands and personal T&E

  • Demonstrated ability to build relationships and maintain effective working relationships with distributors, and accounts and all internal stakeholders.
  • Demonstrated strong coaching and sales training skills
  • Demonstrated knowledge of off-premise business and three-tier distribution system
  • Team player: Seeks out opportunities to collaborate with leaders in other channels and territories. 
  • Communicates Effectively - Keeps relevant parties informed of activity and seeks similar behavior from the area team.
  • Must have moderate to advanced-level Microsoft Office suite skills, including but not limited to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Must have valid CA state driver’s license.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent certifications and training.
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in the alcohol beverage industry and at least 2 years’ sales experience in a consumer products industry.  

Required Competencies:
  • Collaborative Approach:  Understands and demonstrates awareness of the inter-relatedness of different functions within organizations and collaborates appropriately when addressing problems, resolving issues, or formulating strategies.
  • Results Orientation:  The ability to operate with a high level of energy focused on outcomes.  Establishes, communicates and develops methods for monitoring performance against objectives.  Engages in a process of consultative problem solving which creates new and effective solutions.  Demonstrated ability to work on projects towards the accomplishment of established goals and objectives.  The ability to influence the behavior of others through written, oral or interpersonal communication toward desired outcomes.
  •  Communications Skills: Proven ability to communicate information:  verbally / written. The ability to comprehend and understand new information.  The ability to be straight forward, candid while setting a professional standard for treating others with dignity and respect. Ability to act as spokesperson/educator at consumer events. 
  • Business Acumen:  Demonstrates good business sense, including the ability to utilize appropriate financial data to develop, track and monitor a budget. 
  • Functional knowledge of the sales process:  Identifying new opportunities and applications that add value for the customer while enhancing the value for Infinium Spirits.  Demonstrated ability to drive sales and marketing growth while building brand equity.
  • Leadership:  The ability to articulate vision and inspire others toward achieving brand goals. Able to persuade and influence external stakeholders to take incremental interest in Infinium Spirits brands.
  • Planning, organizing, prioritizing:  Directs or allocates finite resources towards the achievement of specified goals & objectives. Ability to effectively manage and complete all aspects of complex projects. 
  • Analytical Ability:  The ability to identify problems, analyze relevant data, think critically, generate alternatives, and select solutions to problems: providing rationale for recommendations; appropriately weighing and prioritizing data.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: (These are required to perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodations).
  • Must be able to lift and carry up to 50 lbs.
  • Must be able to stoop, bend, squat and reach more than 4 hours a day
  • Must be able to drive up to 6 hours a day
  • Must be able to work varying hours, including early mornings and occasional weekends.
  • Willing and able to travel, including 2-4 overnights per month. This includes occasional travel by plane.


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Oakland, CA