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Posted November 3rd

Bounty Hunter (Side Hustle)

New York, NY

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Posted November 3rd

Bounty Hunter (Side Hustle)

New York, NY









About The Position
JOB DESCRIPTION: As the Bounty Hunter for Indulj, you will be expected to utilize your current network within the craft beer community, with an opportunity to increase earnings through additional hustle.  You are welcome to keep your current position, just utilize your network and give introductions to the Indulj Virtual Demo Team for potential sales engagements. We expect you to hang out with your network and drink beer and enjoy the time!  That is why we’re doing it! 

JOB COMPENSATION:  This is a pure commission gig and there’s no maximum.  Please make all the money you can! You’ll receive the following: 
  • $50 for coordinating meeting with decision maker as defined.  
  • $200 for closed call (Sale).  
Note: Chief Commercial Officer will clearly outline the criteria that must be met to trigger a payment. Payments will be paid once a month.

ABOUT INDULJ:  Indulj is a brewery specific application that promotes engagement with their most loyal customers.  We create time for the brewery, while promoting community and introducing a previously undiscovered revenue source.  Our adoption rate has been fantastic and we require more introductions to keep our momentum going.  Indulj can be found on the Apple store or on Android.  You can also do some research at 

  • Coordinate meetings between brewery owners, appropriate marketing personnel, or tap room decision makers
  • Prospect new business by determining potential opportunities in the craft beer community in their designated territory  
  • Coordinate with Indulj Chief Commercial Officer and Sales Operations to insure clear focus on targeted breweries with established clear path to close
  • Bi-weekly 30 minute to one hour call with Chief Commercial Officer and Sales Operations in order to determine how Indulj can support pipeline
  • Ability to communicate effectively with team on next steps on progress

  • Heavy network in local craft beer including decision makers at all levels
  • Ability to communicate the value propositions of Indulj (this should take about 45 minutes to figure out...if you can’t do it, well….)
  • Strong communication and organizational skills with the ability to interact effectively
  • Understanding of Microsoft Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint 
  • A passionate advocacy for craft beer with a deep network

New York, NY
Function Details
  • Reports To Chief Commercial Officer