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Posted September 11th

Tasting Room General Manager

Indianapolis, IN



Hotel Tango Distillery


Production and Manufacturing and Supplier

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Posted September 11th

Tasting Room General Manager

Indianapolis, IN






Full Time

About The Position
The Tasting Room General Manager is the leader of the tasting room; championing the culture and service standards that helped us become Best Cocktail Bar Indianapolis 2018/2019 as well as NYISC Indiana Distillery of the Year 2018!
TITLE: Tasting Room General Manager
TYPE: Full-time, salaried
LOCATION:Hotel Tango; 702 Virginia Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46203
SUPERVISOR: Director of Operations

The Tasting Room (TR) General Manager (GM) will play a key role in the operation of the Hotel Tango (HTW) Artisan Distillery flagship tasting room. The General Manager is responsible for directing the daily operations of the TR, ensuring compliance with HTW standards in all areas of operation, including product preparation and delivery, customer relations, facility maintenance and repair, inventory management, team management, recruitment and retention of team members, financial accountability, ensuring the highest quality products and services are delivered to each customer and other duties as required or assigned.
  • Operations
  • Control day-to-day operations by scheduling labor, ensuring the ordering of supplies, and developing a working team.
  • Ensure federal and local health and safety codes, and company safety and security policies are met.
  • Procedure development, implementation, enforcement, and accountability.
  • Address or direct facility maintenance issues to appropriate party.
  • Accounting
  • Control profit & loss, by following cash control/security procedures, maintaining inventory, managing labor, reviewing financial  reports, and taking appropriate actions. 
  • Record and organize staff tips including prudent delivery/communication to VP of Finance to be processed for payroll.
  • Develop key performance indicators (KPI) for tasting room.
  • Communication
  • Liaison between staff and executive management team.
  • Ensures all staff have appropriate information, including, but not limited to, changes in procedures, staffing, schedules, special product offerings, daily communication via phone, text, e-mail and 7shifts (log)
  • Personnel Management
  • Manage a team of 15-20 including Assistant GM, bartenders, barbacks, servers, and hosts.
  • Ensure a safe working  environment by facilitating safe work behaviors of the team.
  • Recruit, interview, and hire/terminate team members. Conduct performance appraisals/reviews, take disciplinary action, motivate and train.
  • Schedule in conjunction with Events Manager & Assistant GM to ensure internal and external events are staffed appropriately.
  • Training
  • Ability to tactfully address staff disciplinary issues and to coach performance. 
  • Ability to differentiate between a “training miss” and a disciplinary moment.
  • Supervising staff write-ups and disciplinary action.
  • Coordinate with Quality and Experience management.
  • Atmosphere
  • Manage and approve quarterly menu. 
  • Maintain HTW tasting room morale and experience- aligning with company culture and branding (designated by Marketing & Experience). 
  • Ensure staff are properly trained in order to uphold experience expectations and standards set by Director of Quality and Experience.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in business management or similar (preferred)
  • High School Diploma is sufficient if experience is extensive.
  • Experience in decision making, process improvement, event planning, verbal communication, strong customer focus, management proficiency, quality focus.
  • Willingness to work during peak hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • Excellent computer, problem-solving, and customer service skills.
  • Effectively delegate responsibilities and maximize resources.
  • Decisiveness--ability to lead staff and make decisions. 
  • Ability to walk, stand, and occasionally carry heavy items.
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment.
  • 5+ years restaurant or management experience preferred.
  • Strong understanding of business management.
  • Experience in developing budgets and managing profitability.
  • Experience with or ability to learn food and beverage technology platform (EZDine).

  • Effectively manage HTW Tasting Room within the policies and guidelines of the company, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction at all times.
  • Meet with staff members quarterly to review their performance, personal growth, development and progress to reaching their mutually agreed upon goals. 
  • Increase Tasting Room profitability year-over-year, along with additional KPIs, as outlined by the Director of Operations.
  • Implement staff incentive program.
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Indianapolis, IN
Function Details
  • Reports To Director of Operations
  • Direct Reports 15-20