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Posted October 24th

Supervisor, Maintenance Coordination

Windsor, ON

Hiram walker


Hiram Walker & Sons



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Posted October 24th

Supervisor, Maintenance Coordination

Windsor, ON






Full Time

About The Position
To manage and co-ordinate maintenance activities within the distillery and work with the maintenance organization to ensure that the needs of the distillery are met to ensure production requirements
Hiram Walker & Sons Limited, a Pernod Ricard Company, is the place where ambition thrives.  As part of a global enterprise, we are proud to be delivering the market such exciting brands as Wiser's Whisky, Polar Ice Vodka, Malibu Rum, and Lamb's rum.  Let your ambition lead you toward outstanding opportunities with progressive rewards. For insight on our heritage please click  

Position Summary:
To manage and co-ordinate maintenance activities within the distillery and work with the maintenance organization to ensure that the needs of the distillery are met to ensure production requirements. Due to the complexity of the manufacturing operation, overall coordination of maintenace is required to ensure all equipment is available when required by operations. This is best met by working in closely with operations. Provide coverage while the Director, Manufacturing Operations is absent. Committed to achieving excellence in quality, health and safety, the environment and food safety.

Key Responsibilities:
  • OHSA - Ensure compliance of Occupational Health & Safety Act (section 25, 26, 27, and 28) per Hiram Walker & Son’s Ltd Policy- Management-Supervision-Worker Safety Responsibilities.
  • Work closely with the Director, Manufacturing Operations to ensure that production equipment is available and in a properly maintained state in order to meet or exceed the requirements of the production schedule.
  • Daily invovement in the day to day operation of the plant (to attain production requirements).
  • Work closely the Maintenance department by maintaining communication in order to ensure accurate planning for both short and long term work – executed by attending daily morning meetings with Planners and Maintenance Supervisors, and during weekly compliance meetings with Planners (to schedule compliance and production goals).
  • Ensure compliance with all plant safety rules. Work with contractors to make them aware of all requirements. Conduct safety meetings when required to do so. This will be attained by maintaining vigilant enforcement of rules and conducting regular audits to ensure the Company meet all safety targets and initiatives.
  • Actively seek opportunities to improving equipment reliability through the use of new or improved technologies (both process and maintenance) measured by an increase in reliability through production and energy efficiency data.
  • Assist with maintaining M&R budgets. Assist with setting yearly M&R requirements - monitor expenditures, ensure that costs are allocated against correct accounts (attain budget targets).
  • Make sure all procedures are incorporated into maintenace activities where required. Ensure required documentation is in place and procedures are followed (no non-conformance issues).
  • Indirect supervision of all Skilled Trades employees and direct/indirect supervision of Manafacturing Process Operators and Distillery General Help employees.
  • Work within ISO management systems (9001, 22000, 14001, and 18001)
  • Financial responsibility:
  • Capex: $2,000,000CDN (Level: C)
  • M&R: $2,000,000CDN (Level: C)
  • Internal, regular, work-related contact with:
  • Maintenance: planning, scheduling, emergencies
  • IR Department: contract issues, employee issues
  • Engineering: maintenance, support
  • Blending: customer
  • External, regular, work related contact with outside suppliers, maintenance and production supplies.

Required Skills & Abilities:
  • Knowledge of all areas of maintenance, strong understanding of all skilled trades functions (mechanical / pipe / electrical / instrumentation).
  • Knowledge of process operations (process flow).
  • Strong computer skills.
  • Knowledge of Health & Safety regulations.
  • Ability to plan complex tasks (project management, maintenance).
  • Effective influencing, partnering, team building and step change innovation skills.
  • Solid ability for big picture thinking.
  • 5-10 years equivalent experience in plant operations and maintenance organizations.

Functional Competencies

Risk Management:
  • Demonstrates an overall understanding of risk management’s key concepts (identification, assessment, mitigation)
  • Recognizes risks and follows-up appropriate risks indicators, escalates as needed
  • Ensures compliance  with existing standards and regulations related to wine and spirits’ industry and group’s norms
Operations Performance Optimization:
  • Demonstrates  a sound understanding of processes’ impacts on overall operations performance (including financial aspects)
  • Monitors operations key performance indicators (e.g., OEE, OTIF, yield, cost per case…)
  • Identifies and analyzes complex situations by looking at multiple causes and effects, and creates pragmatic improvement plans
  • Solves complex issues within his/her own area and leads teams in continuous improvement
Operations Planning Optimization:
  • Knows and/or utilizes appropriately key planning concepts and tools
  • Analyzes demand forecasts and identifies gaps with existing stocks or knows related key concepts
  • Identifies impacts on physical flows (sequencing, planning, …) and escalates as needed
Production/ Process Management:
  • Demonstrates a full understanding of KPI’s
  • Demonstrates a good understanding of production processes, key concepts  and constraints (e.g., planning models / plant capability)
  • Is able to describe production processes of his/her activity
  • Understand the equipment and systems in their area
  • Able to use appropriate basic problem solving tools (e.g., PMP tools)

Physical Asset Management: 
  • Properly uses assets and demonstrates an overall understanding of assets’ optimum conditions (productivity)
  • Makes critical analysis of equipment performance / non performance
  • Is able to make evolve and to adapt an equipment in line with business evolutions
  • Fixes basic problems related to assets
  • Uses and understands information systems within his/her scope
Creativity & Innovation:
  • Has a broad overview of the market (main actors, products, trends…) and internal constraints and opportunities
  • Demonstrates an openness to new ideas, ways of working
  • Exposes the business  to new ideas
  • Implements minor innovations with no additional resources, budgets or impacts on external stakeholders
Business & Financial Acumen:
  • Demonstrates an overall understanding of  company’s vision, priorities and financial objectives
  • Has a basic knowledge of local organizations and functions
  • Demonstrates an understanding of costs and cash drivers
Customer Service & Quality Orientation: 
  • Demonstrates an understanding of customer demand and requirements and business impacts if not  fulfilled
  • Understands quality internal standards and applies them on his/her scope
Project & Change Management: 
  • Follows the defined process for implementing projects/change initiatives
  • Understands the key levers for change management (process & organization, communication, training)
  • Participates in change initiatives and remains positive and receptive to change
Communication & Relationship Building:
  • Initiates and/or improves positive working relationships and interactions within the scope of his/her role
  • Listens actively to other people’s views
  • Communicates clearly and regularly
  • Adapts his/her language and message to the audience
  • Builds trusting relationships by acting  with integrity

  • Proposes new ideas/methods on how to improve performance]
  • Maintains a positive, can-do attitude even during difficult times
  • Influences others to gain support for an idea or cause
Results Orientation:
  • Assigns tasks and accountabilities for work outputs to the most appropriate individuals, when needed
  • Displays a sense of urgency in accomplishing goals and takes corrective actions to ensure results
  • Maintains composure and high performance standards in a challenging environment
  • Achieves own individuals objectives, applying professional excellence standards, and delivers high quality work
Live the Values:
  • Maintains high professional standards that are aligned with the organization’s values, ethics, and Charter
  • Demonstrates commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) priorities by promoting group and local initiatives
  • Establishes a mutual trust environment by communicating in an honest, straight forward transparent manner with colleagues at all levels
  • Displays enthusiasm and values contribution of each employee to the success of Pernod Ricard
Team Management:
  • Communicates in a way that motivates team members
  • Facilitates the process of effective decision making among team members
  • Encourages teamwork and collaboration by promoting openness and dialogue
People Development:
  • Actively participates in creating motivating and realistic development and career plans for people
  • Provides routine instructions and performance feedback to others
  • Learns about Pernod Ricard’s resources and processes for identifying and selecting talent

Required:  College Diploma, Electrical/Mechanical Engineering
Trade Certificate with related work experience for internal candidates
 Preferred:  Bachelor Degree, Electrical/Mechanical Engineering

We welcome and encourage applications from individuals from all groups, including aboriginal, women, visible minorities, and persons with disabilities, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, creed, family status, national origin, age and gender.   

Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd.  is committed to providing accessible employment practices that are in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and the Ontario Human Rights Code. Should you require accommodation during any phase of the recruitment process or wish to view our accommodation policies, please contact the Human Resources Department at

Thank you for your interest in Pernod Ricard and its subsidiaries, Corby Spirit and Wine Limited and Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd. All resumes submitted will be reviewed by our recruitment team and kept on file for six months in consideration for this and future opportunities. Please note that only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. Please do not contact provincial offices directly as all recruitment is coordinated through the Corporate Office in Toronto
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Windsor, ON