Haven's Kitchen Sauces

About Us

Haven’s Kitchen Sauces are a new product line from Haven’s Kitchen, a cooking school in Flati-ron. Originally founded as a recreational cooking school, Haven’s has grown into a multi-hyphenate business. The sauces are an extension of both our mission to support home cooking and our growing brand. 

Currently available at NYC Whole Foods, Fresh Direct, Foodkick, Gourmet Garage and a few other retailers, Haven’s Kitchen sauces are a completely new category in grocery. They are fresh, refrigerated, and globally-inspired, and are packaged in less-wasteful, innovative pouch-es. Vegan and gluten-free, HK sauces can be used as a finished sauce or as an ingredient, making meal prep even more convenient.

Haven’s Kitchen and all of our various businesses use five filters to evaluate everything we do: From the coffee we serve in the café, to our corporate partnerships, to our team reviews: Confidence; Curiosity; Creativity; Efficiency and Community.