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Posted May 25th

Sales Development Representative

Los Angeles, California

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Posted May 25th

Sales Development Representative

Los Angeles, California




Entry Level


Full Time

About The Position
As a parental or family benefit, companies rent the SNOO on behalf of their “new parent” employees for 6 months of usage. 
Our current list of industry leading clients includes JP Morgan & Chase, the NFL, Snap, Hulu, Activision, Under Armour, The Cheesecake Factory and many more.
Responsibilities will include building a sales pipeline with qualified leads, finding and connecting with interested HR and Benefits professionals, and providing general assistance in facilitating the initial stages of the sales cycle. The SDR will collaborate with the Sales and Marketing teams in creating outreach campaigns, as well as prospecting into qualified accounts using various engagement methods. This is an opportunity for a driven SDR to advance their sales skills in a sophisticated tech space and strengthen their confidence and preparedness in moving onto the next stage of their tech sales career.

 We are searching for someone who wants to be part of our sales team and have an immediate impact on growing our business, in addition to putting your professional selling career on a fast track. Our Sales Development Representatives are on the front lines of our efforts to impact the world of safe sleep.
Los Angeles, California
Function Details
  • Reports To Head of Strategic Partnerships