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About Us
nutpods dairy-free creamer is one of the fastest-growing plant-based brands in the U.S. and a standout in the natural foods industry.

Introduced to market in May 2015, nutpods'​ signature almond and coconut creamers are among the top-selling creamer brands on Amazon, and are newly available at some of America's largest grocery chains, including Kroger, Publix and Wegmans.

The nutpods brand has developed a cult-like following amongst health-conscious consumers living a dairy-free lifestyle, and has become an integral part of health and wellness programs like Whole30.

nutpods was born out of founder and CEO Madeline Haydon's personal need for a dairy-free coffee creamer. Her inability to find a natural, high-quality coffee creamer that was plant-based and dairy-free lead her to create nutpods in her own kitchen. Discovering her "personal creamer"​ appealed to other people, Haydon decided to commercialize the recipe and launched nutpods in 2015, laying the foundation for what has become the fastest-growing alt-dairy creamer brand in the U.S.