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About Us
Global Spirits is the global leading producer of alcoholic beverages, the biggest international alcohol holding company in Eastern Europe. The company was established in 2008. Today it combines the core spirit production businesses of Ukraine, Russia and the USA.

Global Spirits includes up-to-date facilities for vodka, liqueur, cognac, brandy, wine, champagne, vermouth, and low-alcohol beverage production:

  • Khortytsa Distillery (Zaporozhye, Ukraine)
  • Odessa Cognac Factory (Odessa, Ukraine)
  • Crimean Wine House (Feodosiya, Ukraine)
  • Russkiy Sever Distillery (Vologda, Russia)
Apart from the production facilities, Global Spirits owns a multi-branch distribution network:

  • Megapolis Trade House (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • Megapolis Trade House (Moscow, Russia)
  • Megapolis Trade House (New York, USA)
The Holding strategy implies establishment of the vertically integrated company represented in the key markets (Ukraine, Russia, and the USA). It means that Global Spirits’ plans include organizing its own production sector covering vodka, cognac, and wine production, as well as distribution line in these countries.

The Holding products are sold in over 80 countries of the world. The brand portfolio combines such popular brands as Khortytsa, Russkiy Sever, Blagoff, Morosha, Medovukha, Crimean Premium, Oreanda, San Marino, Mikado, Shustov, Chaika, Desna, Arcadia, Chernomorskiy, Vologodskaya, etc.

Global Spirits headquarters is located in Kiev (Ukraine). There are the company offices in Moscow (Russia) and New York (USA).