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Posted November 21st

Import Specialist

Irvine, CA

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Posted November 21st

Import Specialist

Irvine, CA








Full Time

About The Position

Import Specialist:

Summary of Position: The Import Specialist: organizes, coordinates, and executes all logistical activities to ensure the continued and future success of our supply chain.  Efficiently organizes the purchase, shipment, and receipt of our products throughout the US, ensuring that the right products are delivered to the right location on time and at the approved pricing.   Successfully manages shipping companies, brokers, monitoring that products are received just-in-time receipt. Must be an effective communicator with foreign suppliers and domestic distributor/retail customers.

Essential Functions:

  • Processes all purchase orders to international suppliers and monitors and manages product delivery to our warehouses and domestic distributors, optimizing the value chain for the Company.  
  • Negotiates ocean freight rates and manages all supply chain ocean logistics, including customs clearance, ensuring the timely release and pick-up to the ultimate destination. 
  • Develops and manages the supply chain across Asia, Europe, Central America and South Pacific to achieve the most cost-effective & timely logistic response when moving product from the supplier to the customer (distributor or retailer).  Sources & negotiates domestic freight if required seeking cost efficiency.
  • Tracks all OPEN Purchase orders in coordination with supplier production schedules, MOQ’s and product staging at foreign producers. Provides info support to the Sales Department in anticipation of meeting promotional activities, ad’s and required “In Store Dates” set by Retail Customers.
  • Manages Communication with all providers to provide a smooth uninterrupted flow of products from foreign suppliers to wholesale and retail customers across the US.
  • Remains in constant communication with all other departments, “bridging” to facilitate all aspects of the business, ensuring timely identification/resolution of problems.

 Critical Success Factors:

• Experienced import logistics management that has a proven track record of reducing transportation/warehousing costs while maximizing sales/timely product delivery.


• Extremely well organized with a strong ability to set & manage priorities
& Drive for RESULTS

• Effective communicator with all departments

• Strong accounting skills and experience. Anticipatory, forensic problem solver

• Excellent computer skills including Excel.  Great Plains/Sage/Mas 200 experience a plus.

Personal Characteristics:

• Strong analytical, numerical, and reasoning abilities. 
• Technologically savvy. 
• Collaborative, participative management style. 
• Well-developed interpersonal skills--has the ability to work with diverse personalities, is tactful, mature; facilitates and provides positive reinforcement.
• Exemplary work ethic with a desire to become an “expert” in this field
• Able to recognize and support the organization's priorities and preferences. 
• Strong communication/presentation skills, written and verbal. 
• Results oriented with the ability to balance customer service levels/other business considerations.
• Bi-lingual- Spanish a plus

Must be vaccinated for COVID-19
Irvine, CA
Function Details
  • Reports To General Manager