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About Us
A noble history of Tuscany. In 1957, Gabriello Santoni realised his dream and gave birth to the Santoni distillery in Chianciano Terme. An authentic passion for all things crafted with excellence. Gabriello’s “organic and curated approach” led him and later his son Stefano, CEO at Gabriello Santoni, to develop high-quality products with respect to traditional methods and fine ingredients. This background inspired Stefano to revisit one of his father’s recipes and to create Amaro Santoni, a unique blend of precious botanicals and the iconic Rhubarb root extract, the heart of our brand. As a premium aperitivo, Amaro Santoni represents authentic Italian luxury and craftsmanship applied to spirits. For a global expansion of the brand and the growth of our reputation we are working in partnership with Cocktail Concierge Agency, leaded by Luca Missaglia - Managing Director Partner and Simone Caporale - Global Ambassador Partner.
Santoni is an historic Italian brand synonymous with family tradition, artisanal quality and passion. Values which, on their own, represent a great heritage. Values appreciated by all those who seek a truly genuine product.