Fun Wine USA, LLC


Importer and Supplier

About Us
Fun Wine is a premium wine cocktail brand that values curiosity, uniqueness, inclusivity, and fun. We strive to create art beyond boundaries through our focus on music, art, and fashion. 
Our Chief Culture Officer, Christina Aguilera, is a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and the leading voice of The Fun Movement (#TFM), which connects Fun Wine with consumers who embrace bold living. Our bottles are designed by Chief Creative Director, Pop Graffiti Artist Miguel Paredes, and feature innovative flavors and packaging, including our "Hard Bubbly Collection" and "Café Graffiti Collection."
 We are the first to offer a 330 ml aluminum wine bottle and to use monk fruit juice as a zero calorie, zero carb flavor enhancer and all-natural sweetener. We are the category leader in the rapidly growing RTD wine cocktail market, with high purchase intent and faster velocity per store compared to competitors. Our goal is to provide consumers with delicious, convenient, and affordable premium wine cocktails that truly embody the fun-loving spirit of our brand.