Fun Wine USA, LLC


Importer and Supplier

About Us
“Generation FUN” - The world desires a unique flavorful taste experience, that fits your active and outgoing lifestyle
FUN WINE is flavor first
FUN WINE embodies who you are and how you live without sacrificing quality or taste
FUN WINE - a mindset, an attitude, your lifestyle
FUN WINE - “is fire”
FUN WINE - all about quality, authenticity, freedom and creative expression
We’ve delivered Miami in a bottle - inspired by the flavors of the city, the vibrant multi-cultural scene,
where art, music and fashion collide and “everyday” is a reason to live the Fun Movement. 

Our vibe is alive through the stunning bottles designed by Miguel Paredes - we’re bringing the flavor of Miami
to the world for every FUN-tastic occasions - day to night - at the beach, at a BBQ -  on the town or on the go 
Packaging pulls consumers in – Flavor keeps them coming back!
We keep it light and lean but high on fun - using Monk fruit - an all-natural sweetener that gives
FUN WINE  bold flavor while lowering the calories, carbs and sugar. Enjoy MORE - with LESS 

More flavor - less sugar
More fun - less alcohol
More natural - less guilt

DISCOVER our way of enjoying wine - Simple, Uncomplicated - Good Clean FUN!