Four Fox Sake



About Us
Four Fox Sake was launched in 2015 by four friends and sake enthusiasts who wanted to see sake break out of it's narrowly defined niche and go mainstream. Our vision was a modern take on an ancient classic that could be enjoyed not only in Japanese restaurants, but also the best bars and clubs around the world, a drink that could truly stand on it's own.
Four Fox Sake is the highest grade of sake - Junmai Daiginjo brewed with the purest snowmelt water in Niigata, Japan.
Since launching in Hong Kong company we have expanded to South Korea, Australia, London, Singapore and Toronto. Four Fox Sake was soft-launched in the US with some partners in Vegas and NYC, but to take it to the next level in what should be our biggest market we will need someone who loves the brand as much as we do to wear many hats and help us make a real impact on the way people drink.