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The Craft:


STRIKING, EDGY, and ELEGANT the FOU-DRÈ lightning bolt-shaped bottle demands attention! Its’ striking appearance is further solidified by its statuesque design, towering over the competition. Bathed in imperial purple, the color of royalty, FOU-DRÈ is beyond Top Shelf its majestic! Created by Flow-Design, in Northville, Michigan, the bottle is manufactured by the world’s leading glass-making company, the French establishment SaverGlass.The unique bottle is rendered from 100% recycled Extra White Flint glass, a cosmetic grade, used by only the best in the Spirit industry. Dyed and labeled with 100% organic ink and containing no heavy metals, the FOU-DRÈ decanter can boast that it is not only sophisticated but also Eco-friendly. Two bottles are always better than one, as its’ intoxicating angular form can be combined like lovers intertwined for an alluring arrangement on any shelf. Therefore, earning the title as the sexiest bottle on the market!


FOU-DRÈ is not just flavored vodka, but vodka with FLAVOR! This ultra-premium infused boutique vodka denotes exclusivity. It is the vodka brand for the bold individual with a penchant for life, the socialite with the discerning palate, and the avant-garde mind of the fashion forward elite, ever pushing the envelope! FOU-DRÈ, French for lightning, unleashes a foray of flavor penetrating your taste buds with an infusion of 100% fruit flavors, an exotic dance of pomegranate and ginger notes!Produced in N. Charleston, South Carolina; The TerrePURE® process is a patented, revolutionary technology that “naturally” produces a smooth, clean taste and a flavorful, ultra-premium spirit. The all-natural process removes harsh tasting Congeners leaving a smooth, crisp, clean, finish to the spirit. This distinctive vodka can be enjoyed neat over ice or mixed as vodka was originally intended.