About Us
Coffee that Helps People Think Better 
By infusing premium cold brew with a carefully-calibrated, science-backed formula of plant-based extracts, we created coffee without the side effects (no jitters, anxiety, or crash), delivering twice as powerful and long-lasting benefits (more focus, alertness, energy). Caffeine molecules in our coffee have twice as high an absorption rate and promote neurogenesis with every cup, leading to long-lasting and cumulative improvements to your brain (better memory, faster learning rate, improved mood, and slowed brain aging).

Flow’s Core Values

Your mind is your life.
Everything that occurs in your life is processed through the software of your mind. Upgrade that software, upgrade your life. People, especially students, want to think better, know more, and be more productive. If we are to optimize anything, why not ourselves? Innovation lies in the human brain. To affect real progress in the world, we need to first allow our brains to expand and improve.

Everyone has the right to the best brain possible. Higher thinking should be easily accessible to anyone who seeks it, at any given moment and to the greatest extent possible. We offer consumers the opportunity to learn faster, remember more, and optimize focus from a tasty ready-to-drink coffee. If everyone has access to their best brain possible, the potential for innovation proves endless.

Blue-sky thinking. Flow values creative brainstorming without limits, judgments, or consequences. We value free strategy sessions to open new ways of thinking, and dynamic reasoning to allow brilliance to unfold.

Serve the thinkers. Our users inform every aspect of Flow. Anything our users want, they deserve. At every level, Flow is built for and by the consumer.

It’s not snake oil. It’s science. There are too many drinks out there promising but not delivering. Flow emerged out of our college-student founder’s personal desire to find a better, more sustainable solution to thinking better, but he couldn't tolerate the adverse effects of normal coffee. Our benefits are backed by hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific studies and our own clinical trials, and the Flow mindscape is loved by the multitude of college students who helped develop the product.