Fishbowl Spirits, LLC



About Us

Founded in 2013 (and 100% owned) by Kenny Chesney, Fishbowl Spirits'​ Blue Chair Bay Rum was born as an expression of the singer-songwriter’s island lifestyle. Flavors like coconut, banana, as well as its line of rum creams, evoke the same beach-vacation mentality that inspires Chesney’s music. 

Chesney has been deeply involved in every step along the way, from working with award-winning master blender Mike Booth on the flavor profiles to selecting the distillery in the Caribbean, to working with the marketing team and deciding the flavors to be introduced.

While the company’s brand focuses on an ethos of relaxation, Fishbowl Spirits'​ behind-the-scenes team has worked hard to create noticeably premium-quality rums. Every step of product creation is taken with great care, from the selection of high quality raw ingredients, to the intentionality of processes.