FIJI Water



About Us

FIJI® Water, a natural artesian water bottled at the source in Viti Levu (Fiji islands), is the #1 imported bottled water brand and the top selling premium bottled water in the United States.  A product of one of the last virgin ecosystems on the planet, natural pressure forces FIJI Water out of its aquifer deep below the earth’s surface and into iconic square bottles through a sealed delivery system free of human contact.   FIJI Water has been top-rated in taste tests among bottled waters by Chicago Magazine, Cook’s Illustrated Buying Guide, Men’s Health, Every Day with Rachael Ray and others.

Founded in 1996 by David Gilmour, FIJI Water was purchased by Roll International in 2004 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.  With more that $150MM in revenues, FIJI Water employs more than 600 people around the world. 

The FIJI Water company is committed to sustainable development and is the primary driver of economic development and social welfare in Fiji.  FIJI Water reinvests substantial resources to expand access to clean, safe drinking water throughout the Fiji Islands and to provide quality education and health care for the people of the Yaqara Valley.  As the first net carbon negative product in its industry, FIJI Water is also reducing carbon emissions across the product’s entire lifecycle and then offsetting at least 120% of remaining emissions through a rainforest restoration project in the Fiji Islands.  FIJI Water has also partnered with Conservation International and the people of Fiji to protect and preserve the Sovi Basin, the largest remaining lowland rainforest in the South Pacific.

FIJI Water is widely available at fine restaurants and hotels, all major retail channels including grocery and convenience, and through an innovative home delivery program.  Following the success of the flagship U.S. business, FIJI Water has expanded to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Asia Pacific, where the brand’s iconic square bottle is increasingly visible at leading on-premise and retail establishments.