Ficks Hard Seltzer



About Us

A Natural Obsession

Since their days as college roommates, our cofounders were obsessed with the challenge of creating the best tasting drinks solely using all natural ingredients. The alcohol industry was a black box, with questions over how drinks were made and ingredient panels that were far from transparent.

Ten-syllable ingredient names and loads of sugar?
No thanks, we'd rather fix our own.

Let's Be Real

We make beverages for people who know that great taste comes from using quality ingredients. This means exhaustively searching for the best ingredients where they're at their best, and committing to detailed production practices to ensure each can of Ficks is all that it can be.

Come join us in the better-for-you bar movement.

Farm to Fizz

Our roots are in Sonoma’s wine country, which gives us a unique perspective on making quality beverages sustainably. We’re positively bubbly over the idea of wine country becoming hard seltzer country, so come visit if you’re in the neighborhood.

It's All About the Fruit

We had an LOL moment when we saw large companies preaching about their new natural flavors making products more "fruit forward". You know the best way to do that? Be transparent and put actual fruit inside! The only thing we concentrate on is making great products, not concentrating our juice, and we think that's how drinks should be.

"We just wanted to fix what was broken in the alcohol industry, and show people that real ingredients could give them flavor without the calories."

- Ficks Founders