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Posted May 21st


New York, NY

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Feather Foods

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Posted May 21st


New York, NY




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The idea: Halo Top for Nutella. A hazelnut spread that tastes just as good as Nutella but has: 86% less sugar 4x more protein No palm Oil We have already created the product& found a co-packer.Now looking for 1-2 employees to lead launch
Looking for someone who is extremely strong in operations, sales, marketing & brand building, preferably with experience in the food CPG space.

Key strengths needed:

  • Sales: marketing/ad/social media campaign, selling to retailers
  • Operational: e-commerce set up, order fulfilment
As we already have the product the bulk of the job will be sales, although the candidate should also be very strong organizationally as they won't have a lot of support initially (i.e. requires someone who is very hands on). We'd also like to add more SKUs going forward.

In a nutshell, we are trying to do for Nutella what Halo Top did for ice cream: create a healthier, lower sugar, higher protein alternative that tastes just as great.

Once you've tasted our product you will see the potential here. It tastes just like Nutella but is much healthier. Similar products exist in Europe and they are doing very well. So the proof of concept has already been done. No such product exists right now in the US and the European products that are available via Amazon in the US have terrible branding and don't seem to have much of a focus on US sales.

We already have the product and a co-packer. I'm ready to self fund the business to the tune of $300k over the next 15 months. I'm looking for someone to lead this effort as I will still be focused on my main job (I run a commodities Hedge Fund).

Ideally I'd like to hire one person full-time at a rate of $6000-10000 per month plus either equity or some revenue participation (depending on a number of factors which we can discuss) after an initial trial period. However, I'd also consider hiring several people part time (no equity though), .e.g. one for sales and one for operations.

If interested please send me a message on here with your CV and some initial thoughts on this project in general and how you can/want to contribute. Then we can schedule a time to talk and once we've spoken I will send you a set of 5 questions on how you would run the business. 

Again, I will be focusing most of my time on my main job so this is really an opportunity for someone who is driven to run with this project with potentially significant rewards (if our metrics are good, there is substantially more funding available and I think this has the potential to be a $100m company within 5 years).

New York, NY
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