Face Haus



About Us
Face Haus is a brand new concept “facial bar” that is revolutionizing skin care. Historically a pricey and time consuming service reserved for the elite or special occasions, Face Haus is now offering high quality and affordable skincare “for the people.”

Once you step into the clean, hip, Scandinavian modern space, you will know you’ve found something cool. From the fresh playlist to the high-end skincare lines and highly trained estheticians, you know your money and time will be well spent. 

We Are Face Haus.
We Are Facials For The People!
All Are Welcome.

Inspired by the sunny rays of southern California and with it, a daily need for healthy skin care, Face Haus is a collective of individuals, a community and a club haus for all. We’re bound by an affinity for clean, fresh, and original skincare with a genuine concern for your well-being and overall skin health. 

Whether Ventura Blvd, West 3rd, Montana Ave or USC Village or NYC, we’ll serve you with our fabulous fuss-free facials for less. And in our case, less is in fact more! The supreme performance of our estheticians, their superb touch and superior  spa-worthy product range all factor into our face care. A bit quirky, definitely fun, ubiquitous in its appeal and superstar skin care specialists- we’re all about giving 
good face to the human race! 


• Diversity is beautiful.
• Go natural.
• Everyday face care for all.
• Our Haus is your Haus.
• Do good, be good.

Let's talk!  Send us your resume and a cover letter telling us why you want to join the facial revolution.